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Jul2012 - FedEx ALPA Contract on your smart phone: There truly is an app for just about everything.

Quick start: You need an application called iChm Lite (free) and the extracted Contract file (*.chm) from the download page.  There are two (2) iChm applications available: one free, one costs $6.99.  Free version only handles one chm file at a time.  

In iTunes or the App Store search for iChm Lite to get to the application description with screen shots.
The official link for iChm Lite Reader support:  
Additional application preview links:

Next you need to Browse to/upload the chm file.  If you a MagicWebFX user, the chm file is already on your computer. It is typically located in your user "DocumentsMagicWebFX" folder and is named (uniquely) "FDX-Contract2006.chm". You can also search for "FDX-Contract.chm" to locate the file.

If you are not a MagicWebFX user, look around the website and try all the great new features free for 40days.
OK, commercial break is over.  Visit the download page get the appropiate file, extract it and upload the chm file via the iChm app.
- Windows users: download the FDX-Contract.exe file and run it to extract the chm file.
- Mac users: download the Zip file and extract the chm file. Extra software made be needed to extract the chm file from the zip file.

It started here:

May09 - Calendar Export: You may need to use your calendar's program's 'Import' feature to get your activities into the calendar you want.  

Outlook users: Importing the FDX-Cal.ics file into Outlook always creates a new calendar. You can cut-n-paste the items in this new calendar into any other/desired calendar by Selecting the new calendar then click on View -> Current View and select to view appointments as a list (all appts, by category, etc) then simply highlight your items and drag-n-drop them into the desired calendar.

See Features section of Help File for explanation of format and abbreviations used with exported Calendar items.

11/1/08 - BOT FCIFs:  These restrictions do not directly affect your ability to use any of the functions provided by MagicWebFX. But, based on the FCIF, it is the your responsibility as the end-user to stay within the company's (as yet) unknown limitations by not hitting the Get OpenTime button too often and/or deciding on an appropriate Mobile Devices Feeder timer interval.

Time Calculator:  It is located on the Tools menu.  Use the clock function to check duty limits or jumpseat legality.  The Time List will add up all those perdiem and credit hours and give you the decimal conversion too.

Mobile Device Feeds:  To test your phone/email settings: on the Main Toolbar– Tools->Mobile Feeds Tools.
If you are having problems with the Setup, please consult the program Help File first and then these Additional HELP Pages.

Remember— trips times in the text messages are in ZULU.

AutoIt Errors:  The scripting language for MagicWebFX has been updated and some of changes may occasionally produce intermittent AutoIt errors. If they reoccur after a restart, please Email me so I can research the problem.

Anti-virus warnings:  From time to time, various programs identify AutoIt scripts as Trojans.  In many cases, MagicWebFX in particular, these are false warnings.  Until the manufacturer “Fixes” their database, the only recourse is to EXCLUDE MagicWebFX from the virus scan.

Avoid Disputed Pairings:  Make sure you have the latest disputed pairings list for the current and new bid month.  Check the ‘Update before download’ box when downloading open time for your CIC makeup and Secondary Line preferences.

Open Time: Skip the old stuff— Use “Get only NEW trips” on Crazy Thursdays (or anytime) and you will see the only the newest trips that have been added since the last time you downloaded/checked open time.

Reminders: Personalize the Reminders section using the Edit function to keep track of Trip Deviation and Check-In deadlines, deadhead and jumpseat flights.
Input your dates as YYYY/MM/DD to turn on the Reminder Highlighter.

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