Contract on your smart phone (Android & iOS)

Put the FedEx ALPA Contract on your smart phone: There truly is an app for just about everything.

Quick start iPhone/iPad: You need a CHM Reader app. There are several FREE apps available.  For my iPhone I use an app called iChm Lite (free) and the extracted Contract file (*.chm) from the download page. There are two (2) iChm applications available: one free, one costs $6.99. Free version only handles one chm file at a time (which is all we need). For my iPad, I use CHM+ Free. It is totally your choice which app to use. Try several and keep the one that gives you the best results.  Most CHM apps follow the same procedures for uploading files as noted below.

In iTunes or the App Store search for iChm Lite to get to the application description with screen shots.
The official link for iChm Lite Reader support:
Additional application preview links:

Next you need to Browse to/upload the chm file. If you a MagicWebFX user, the chm file is already on your computer. It is typically located in your user "DocumentsMagicWebFX" folder and is named (uniquely) "FDX-Contract.chm". You can also search for "FDX-Contract.chm" to locate the file.

Android phones/tablets: Search GooglePlay for "chm reader". You may need to try several different readers to find the one that has the best features and gives the best presentation. I use Android Chm EBook Reader by HYStudio on my android tablet.

If you are not a MagicWebFX user, look around the website and try all the great new features free for 40days.
OK, commercial break is over. Visit the download page get the appropiate file, extract it and upload the chm file via the iChm app.
- Windows users: download the FDX-Contract.exe file and run it to extract the chm file.
- Mac users: download the Zip file and extract the chm file. Extra software made be needed to extract the chm file from the zip file.

It started here:

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