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If you are here, you must be experiencing problems with the Mobile Device Feeds module. Hopefully, this page will help you resolve your problem. If your problems persist don’t hesitate to email me.

You may already know that MagicWebFX can send Email messages containing the complete open time trip listing to any email address you choose and that it can send text messages to your mobile device. But what you probably don’t know is that the program sends text messages using two different methods:

  1. The default method is using a third party software (GoText). This software only works if your cell phone carrier is Sprint, Nextel,T-Mobile, or US Cellular.
  2. The alternate method, which works with all carriers, is to send text messages to the phone’s email address. To activate this method you need to check the "Send SMS msgs via phone email" box on the Mobile Feeds screen.

To send these Emails messages, MagicWebFX uses the settings from one of your personal email accounts. That way, you are essentially sending messages to yourself and thus eliminating any security risks. So, you must fill-in all the information in the Mobile Device Feeds section of the User Info so the program can send text and Email messages. Below is the Mobile Device Feeds section of the User Info (main toolbar > Edit > Edit User Info/Passwords). This is an example using a Gmail email account and a Verizon phone number.

user info

The "Email Acct Name" and "Acct Password" are those you use to access that Email account. You need to enter the full Email address. You cannot use a Hotmail or Yahoo account as the "Email Acct Name", your normal home Email or Gmail account works well.

Your password is required because, as a security precaution, most service providers require authentication prior to allowing emails to be sent. Again all information is encrypted and stored only on your computer.

The "SMTP Server" is an outgoing mail server setting. Its name is normally "smtp." followed by your email provider's address (e.g.,, Click the link for a full list of SMTP servers.

The "Send Email to:" is any email address where you want the full open time listings sent. It should be an non-FedEx address. It does NOT have to be the same address as the account address being used to send the information.

The "Phone Email:" is the email address associated with your cell phone. The easiest way to find out your phone's email address is to call customer service and ask them the address. Also have them send you a test email message using that address. Additionally, you should verify the address is correct by sending your phone an email message from your normal email program. AT&T customers beware, there are several valid Cingular/ATT/IPhone addresses out there due to the merger, but only one is likely to work for your phone.

You can test your settings using Tools > Mobile Feeds Tools. If during testing you receive a Transport Failed or Delivery Error message, your Anti-virus/Firewall Suite software is probably blocking the MagicWebFX's Email output. Many of these programs now include outbound and well as inbound email scanning.


What causes the above pictured problem is software that does not allow programs other than the registered Email programs on your computer (Outlook, LiveMail, Eudora, etc) to send outbound Emails.

I am not familiar with many of the multitudes of antivirus/firewall programs in existence, so I will attempt to tell you how to locate the proper area to allow you to make an exception for MagicWebFX outbound emails or worst case how to turn off outbound scanning. If you consult your program's help file, you can search for any of the following to attempt to find a solution point: email / email exclusions / email scanning / outbound email. You may also have some success consulting the manufacture's web site and/or their sponsored community forums.

I personally use ZoneAlarms and under the Program Control tab is a column where outbound email is either allowed or denied. The first time MagicWebFX attempts to send, ZA alerts and asks me if it is permissible and allow me to make a permanent exception.

This website references a possible Norton/Symantec solution.

This website references a possible McAfee solution.

Any contributions in the form of successful solution links and/or screen shots would be greatly appreciated.

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