Program history

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History of the program

MagicWebFX was designed as an Automation Assistant to help you do many different jobs on the pilot website faster and/or easier. It also saves, on your computer, many essential pieces of information about your future trips, jumpseat reservations and historical information.

I missed the automated features of the old dial-up Magicdisk program like open time, auto-jumpseats, auto-trades and getting my mainframe discount corner stuff and paychecks. So I found a scripting language to do the job, and even figured out how to tag disputed pairings. I then decided it would be a good idea to share my discovery with others. Needless to say, the program has grown in scope and breadth since 2005. Most of the improvements have been from user input. So keep sending me your suggestions.

I am not a 'true' programmer, but I've learned how to manipulate this scripting language and fuse useful snippets from the user forums into something that saves me (and you) time and key strokes on a daily basis.

Trade Philosophy

There are many variables that affect the timely submission of any trip trade, including upwards of 500 other guys who are all vying for the same "first" timestamp. So MagicWebFX is not and never was meant to be a guaranteed solution.

The Auto-reserve and Auto-trade submit functions were designed primarily as viable alternatives for those times when you can't be at the computer at the appointed hour to hit the enter key. Results are not guaranteed because it is impossible for the program to account for all possible contingencies (website changes, timing and server errors, hotel/country limitations, etc).

Trip trading is ultimately a game of chance and all we can do is attempt to increase our odds of success. MagicWebFX offers you the advantages of timely submission of your first trade and automatic cycling against "VIPS Server Busy" messages. It also offers the advantage of being able to scan Open Time for only the new trips added since your last download for the next round of trades. And, if you are able to "see" it first, you can increase your odds of being the first one to trade for it.

Some of the variables that affect auto-reserve and trip trade outcomes include the speed of your ISP service, your connection (node) on the server, number of guys on the server, firewalls (guys on the FDX intranet have a slight time advantage). Let us not forget that you are using a middle-man webpage interface to the mainframe server. And don't forget the internal checks that are done to validate a trade; a single MakeUp trip will validate faster than a 3-leg Trade.

Sorry, but there are just too many variables to be able to promise anything other than an honest try.

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